You do not need to know my sad or happy life story, my hobbies or my dreams. This is not about me, and I am not an attention seeker.

Coaching is all about you, about your dreams, your feelings and your fears.

If you are still intrigued and want to ask me anything else, please ask. I do not bite.


I am a qualified transformational coach accredited by Animas, the programme is approved by the leading global organisation of Coaching (ICF). I have a BSc in Psychology and an MA in human resources. I have also completed the MBCT - mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

I have worked in HR and international recruitment for over 6 years.



I am Laura

I coach in English and Spanish

I live in London

I have lived in 5 different cities

I love coaching, psychology and Jungian personality

I love movies and go to the cinema - I always win the Oscar pool

I like to travel and discover different cultures.