What is personal Coaching?

Coaching is a conversation which goal is move you from where you are to where you want to be. What’s most important during that conversation is you, your success, happiness and ultimate fulfilment. It focus on solutions over problems.

Who can benefit from Coaching?

Anyone who is ready for change.

What Coaching could do for me?

If you are feeling stuck, and not sure what steps to take to change your current situation, coaching can help you by:

-        Putting together a life plan, understanding our aims and goals

-        Finding ways to reduce stress in our lives

-        Building a life/work balance that fulfils us.

-        Improving our ability to relate to others

-        Improving our awareness of ourselves.

-        Improving our self- discipline and motivation

-        Improving our health and well- being routines, diet, exercise

·        Getting to the core of the challenges you are experiencing

·        Helping you to get clarity about the choices that are open to you

·        Providing accountability and follow through so that you can make sustained positive change

Life coaching is for anyone who knows that they want to make changes and are ready to commit to taking steps to improve their lives. 

How is coaching different from therapy or counselling?

Coaching is a person-centred, confidential conversation that leads to clarity, insight and action. Coaching clarifies your goals, brings insight through questions and reflection and lets you determine which outcomes you want.

Coaching is not focused on the past and is not about giving expert advice. 

How do I know you are a good coach?

You could book a free discovery session and talk with me! Click here to schedule a discovery session. You can also read what some of my clients have said about me. And you can see about my qualifications here.

How many life coaching sessions will I need?

It will depend on your goal and your commitment. It can be from 6 to 10 sessions.

There are also clients who want a long term commitment with a session per month.

What is the frequency of the sessions?

I would recommend once every 2 weeks but it will depend on your specific situation. It could be once a week or once a month.

I offer several packages with a specific time frame. Click here to see my packages.

Where will we meet?

I coach by Skype or face or face to face near Angel Station.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to re-arrange any appointments, please give at least 24 hours notice.

If you fail to give 24 hours notice, I will reserve the right to charge for that session.

When are you available?

Please see my availability here.

What payment options do you accept?

Bank Transfer.

I’m interested. What are the next steps?

Book a free consultation call and we’ll go from there. I look forward to speaking to you.