When I started working with Laura I was at a crossroads in my life. She created a space for me to think through my options and I gained much-needed clarity. She has a very calm presence and is non-judgemental. Our sessions motivated me to overcome certain challenges I was facing, which led to positive results
— Yasmina, London
Laura is an amazing coach, very patient and great redirecting my focus to the important issues needed to resolve on my business. After talking for a while, I realised I needed to implement a few things in my life to help relieve stress, anxiety and as consequence helping my procrastination problems. Highly recommended!
— Alexandra, London
Before working with Laura, I wanted to achieve some goals, but I didn’t have a plan and I was postponing it for several weeks.
Since I wanted a job as a 3D animator I realised I need to build a portfolio not made only of sketches and drawings but 3d animations as well. My biggest challenge was to find some time to work on my animation projects because it takes time and I wasn’t motivated to do it by myself. After the session with Laura, I was able to find a friend whom to go to the library and do long animated sessions together. The best result is that just in a week time I was able to produce a short animated video clip and to post it on Instagram. I was very proud of it because it was the first time, I produced an animated video clip since my graduation.

It has been interesting working together because I was able to make clear in my mind what is working in my life and what is not, and how can I improve it.
I believe it was a really helpful experience and I believe many people will benefit from it since planning your life with someone else non-judgmental can really help moving forward from your comfort zone
— Benedetta, London
I heard about Coaching through a friend as she recommended it to me. I wanted to try in order to focus on my professional career. My best challenge was to face my fear of changing jobs.

After sessions with Laura, I must say that I am even more passionate about Coaching because I got to know myself better and I managed to face my deep fears. During the whole coaching process, Laura has challenged my perspective and she helped to analyse my own decisions. One of the benefits of Coaching with Laura was to realise that I was making excuses to take action. I learnt to change my mindset to get results
— Maria, Spain
When I started working with Laura, I had a lot of University pressure and I was having a hard time organizing my study schedule along with my other activities. By far, my biggest challenge was time management.
This was my first time having professional help in personal management, so I did not know what to expect from the sessions or how the dynamic would be, but it was a pleasure to work with Laura!

Even with the sessions distributed over weeks and even once a month, there were always helpful and diverse, in all of them we addressed different situations and after the sessions, I felt more capable of handling my challenges.
For me, the biggest benefit was learning that a tiny change of mindset towards an activity can make it both more enjoyable and less challenging. This allows me to have overall less stressful weeks. I will keep in touch with Laura if I need further assistance!
— Rodrigo, Germany
My situation was confusing and I wasn’t sure what to do. Working with Laura was great and easy. I gained more confidence and experience thought-out the sessions.
Working with Laura was the best thing and she is a great person. She helps you gain more confidence and think more positive. Now I focus on what I really want to do in the future
— Zeynab, London
I came back from 2 years travelling in August and I was feeling lost regarding what I wanted to do of my life. This feeling made me questioned everything in my life. I knew I was lucky to have choices and be able to question things, but I found myself a bit stuck and feeling unsettled. I was concerned I was not being able to express what was happening for me exactly as there was a lot in my head for the last few months.

Working with Laura is enjoyable as she is very accessible, non-judgemental and easy going. Her ongoing feedback and re-phrasing are very helpful for me to listen as they helped me to take some distance and think about it in a different way. At each session, I finished with some ‘food for thought’ as our sessions made me think of some topics/feelings/ links that I had not thought of before
— Aurelia, London
When I started, I thought my biggest challenge was to deal with a break-up in the healthiest way possible. I had never been coached before, so I went open-minded into the experience with no reservation.

Working with Laura has been very pleasant, she is very good at reflecting and helping to see certain things from a different perspective through the process of reflection. I am actually very impressed by her recommendation of a personality test which turned out to be incredibly accurate and pointed out several ways how to deal with situations in a better/healthier way. Life coaching is a good approach to overcome issues that are causing problems in life
— Ronja, London