My situation was confusing and I wasn’t sure what to do. Working with Laura was great and easy. I gained more confidence and experience thought-out the sessions.
Working with Laura was the best thing and she is a great person. She helps you gain more confidence and think more positive. Now I focus on what I really want to do in the future
— Zeynab, London
I came back from 2 years travelling in August and I was feeling lost regarding what I wanted to do of my life. This feeling made me questioned everything in my life. I knew I was lucky to have choices and be able to question things, but I found myself a bit stuck and feeling unsettled. I was concerned I was not being able to express what was happening for me exactly as there was a lot in my head for the last few months.

Working with Laura is enjoyable as she is very accessible, non-judgemental and easy going. Her ongoing feedback and re-phrasing are very helpful for me to listen as they helped me to take some distance and think about it in a different way. At each session, I finished with some ‘food for thought’ as our sessions made me think of some topics/feelings/ links that I had not thought of before
— Aurelia, London
When I started, I thought my biggest challenge was to deal with a break-up in the healthiest way possible. I had never been coached before, so I went open-minded into the experience with no reservation.

Working with Laura has been very pleasant, she is very good at reflecting and helping to see certain things from a different perspective through the process of reflection. I am actually very impressed by her recommendation of a personality test which turned out to be incredibly accurate and pointed out several ways how to deal with situations in a better/healthier way. Life coaching is a good approach to overcome issues that are causing problems in life
— Ronja, London