I heard about Coaching through a friend as she recommended it to me. I wanted to try in order to focus on my professional career. My best challenge was to face my fear of changing jobs.

After sessions with Laura, I must say that I am even more passionate about Coaching because I got to know myself better and I managed to face my deep fears. During the whole coaching process, Laura has challenged my perspective and she helped to analyse my own decisions. One of the benefits of Coaching with Laura was to realise that I was making excuses to take action. I learnt to change my mindset to get results
— Maria, Spain
When I started working with Laura, I had a lot of University pressure and I was having a hard time organizing my study schedule along with my other activities. By far, my biggest challenge was time management.
This was my first time having professional help in personal management, so I did not know what to expect from the sessions or how the dynamic would be, but it was a pleasure to work with Laura!

Even with the sessions distributed over weeks and even once a month, there were always helpful and diverse, in all of them we addressed different situations and after the sessions, I felt more capable of handling my challenges.
For me, the biggest benefit was learning that a tiny change of mindset towards an activity can make it both more enjoyable and less challenging. This allows me to have overall less stressful weeks. I will keep in touch with Laura if I need further assistance!
— Rodrigo, Germany