I do believe, everyone of us has the potential of doing and feel better and I do believe being aware and knowing yourself is the first step to get there.

What can you expect from our sessions? Active Listening, a non-judgemental approach, empathy and understanding, new perspectives to challenge your limiting beliefs, challenge, deep questions, empowerment and moving forward in your own terms.

Coaching Is For You If…

You need some clarity  -  Your head is a mess and you do not know where to start.

You want to know yourself better  -  If you do not know who you are, how do you know the life you want to live?

You are stuck in life  -  Professionally or personally. You want to live intentionally and with passion.

You want to hit some goals/ target   -  We will set up goals and take actions. Review in case of fail, learn and correct the action.

You are ready to take action  -  But you will need some support on the way. Even with a plan in your head, life is tricky and the future just as you see it does not happen straight away. You might face obstacles that can stop your vision.

You are sick of waiting  -  Time is ticking. If you want see changes NOW, Coaching is for you.

But Coaching is not for Everyone. 
It is NOT Right for You if...

You are expecting Coaching to be a “magic pill.” Change is about awareness and taking action and that will involve effort from your side. If you are not ready to transform your habits and mindset, this will be a waste of time. Save your money.

You are not willing to take responsibility for your actions. We can not blame everything that we do not like to other people, we are going to work with YOU, we will not try to change other people, only YOU.

You are just looking for someone who tells you what to do. Mentoring and advise is important but this is about what you want to change in your life and no one better than you could know.



“When I started working with Laura I was at a crossroads in my life. She created a space for me to think through my options and I gained much-needed clarity. She has a very calm presence and is non-judgemental.”

“It helped me to take some distance and think about it in a different way. At each session, I finished with some ‘food for thought’ as our sessions made me think of some topics/feelings/ links that I had not thought of before”

“For me, the biggest benefit was learning that a tiny change of mindset towards an activity can make it both more enjoyable and less challenging. This allows me to have overall less stressful weeks”